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E-CasinoSolution B.V.


162-201 Avenida da Amizade, Macau

[email protected]

Operating Status: VALID

Macau Gaming Authority 6801/ CAV official License number is mentioned above as the official seal of Macau.

The license company is involved the subject only if the related website breaches the licanse rules.The players contact the site directly on behalf of systemsical issues such as payment, blocked account and delay .If any solution can not be taken, it is required to apply to the relevant departments actively serving.

In the territory of the USA, Netherlands, France, the Dutch West Indies and Curacao, the licensee is not authorized to provide services, except for its own diligence and legal obligations. One of the responsibilities of the licensee is to comply with the local laws and authorities of the regions in which they plan to provide services. The matters that the licensee operates under more than one license and has legal processing permission in the above regions will make the relevant operation legal. It is prohibited to create or maintain any link from any other website to any page in this seal system without our prior written consent. It is prohibited to operate or display this seal system, or any information or material displayed on this website, on any other website by frames or similar means without our prior written consent. All permitted connections to this seal system must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. This License Verification system provides services to verify the current operating status of the aforementioned Company as an IP Provider. All text, graphics, information, content and other materials used, viewed or downloaded from the official license content cannot be used without the official permission of the owner of such materials or as permitted in our Policies and Procedures. All rights regarding this website are reserved by the Macau Gaming Authority. Modification of information or materials displayed in or downloaded from this seal system is not permitted. It is prohibited to reproduce or publicly display, distribute or otherwise use any of the above-mentioned information or materials for any public or commercial purpose.
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The Macau Gaming Authority does not own the website or domain name of the Company operating under its license. Verifying and complying with laws governing gambling where the software or service is used is provided by the Marketing company and said company. It is the responsibility of the player, the participant and the marketing company to verify such matters.

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